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Ryouriya KODAMA 's chef


Healthy hearts and bodies are made from natural foods. I endeavor to create food that is easy to digest and nourishes the body without causing stress to the system. My goal is for people to feel nourished and to feel that their bodies are healing while their eyes and minds are stimulated by abstract culinary creations.  I hope our guests will feel stimulated and healed by eating at Ryori-Ya Kodama.


All human creations are forms of art.

I endeavor to create art.

In order to achieve this I must respect the harmony of nature.


Learning from Nature I feel the Universe and I hope I can express

these feelings in my cuisine.


To express Kodama Cuisine in one sentence I would say:


“Reflections of my heart, feelings of my heart and thoughts of my heart,


and the experience of years of study are all reflected in the Kodama Cuisine.”


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